Cool Sculpting – The Treatment to Burn Fat Cells Naturally

CoolSculpting is a popular procedure which involves non-surgical way of using the device below the surface of the skin to accurately freeze and destroy the fat accumulated in the body. This treatment with Cool fat removal only aims in reducing the fat reduction in the stubborn areas which are not usually reduced even through strict diet and exercise. This is also not a recommended procedure for weight loss but only targets to eliminate fat in the accumulated area.

The Result with Cool Sculpting:

Cool Sculpting results are not spontaneous. The results with Cool Sculpting will take anywhere between two to four months which would be required for the body to react to the treatment given. The procedure aims in providing the gradual and natural removing of the hard-fatty tissues and cells thereby achieving the desired result with the cool fat removal.

cool fat removal

The Temperature with Cool Sculpting Procedure:

The procedure aims in reducing the temperature of the fatty skin surface under controlled temperature to as low as to an average of 54 F with the help of freezing. During the process, the temperature is maintained for an average of 54 F for the first thirty minutes of the procedure and it is further reduced to 50 F during the next thirty minutes. This one hour process of the treatment, reduced around 1.5 cm of the fat layer accumulated in the body.

The Precautions:

It is important to follow a set of precautions while trying the cool fat removal process especially at home, failing which may result in a condition such as frostbite, which would result when the temperature reaches below 14 F. The DIY styles of Cool fat removal will recommend the usage of ice cubes to reduce the fat cells. Keeping the ice cubes directly might cause numbness and red patches and it is recommended to use the melted ice cubes in a melted state.


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